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Print is Not Dead

In this age of digital communication, some may think that printed material is no longer necessary. Back in my school days, I learned there are 3 types of learning styles – visual, auditory (sound), and kinesthetic (touch). Digital marketing definitely feeds the visual learner, and with sound effects (i.e., videos), can appeal to the auditory learners, too. Printed material can enrich the experience of the reader as it informs, educates, entertains or sells.

In marketing, all channels should be utilized to meet the communication styles of all types of customers. Print is making a come-back as the non-traditional channel of marketing. Stand out from the crowd by utilizing a professionally created and printed marketing piece as one of your strategic marketing channels.

The printed word is still perceived to be more credible. Print allows people to unplug and focus on the words in front of them. And it allows the opportunity for the reader to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of fonts, colors, images, and texture of paper which appeals to all of the senses and aids in retention of subject matter.

Print media – books, magazines, catalogs, flyers, brochures – will reinforce the message people may first receive digitally. Print also strengthens digital marketing efforts by inviting interaction. A message in print can direct a reader to an online presence with a call to action to write a review, take a survey, or use a coupon code.

A printed brochure or catalogue can be placed directly in the hands of a potential buyer. When reading the brochure, a reader is not distracted by pop-up messages, flashing ads or the completing desire to scroll down or swipe to another page. This allows the reader to spend more time reviewing the material, concentrate more deeply on the subject matter, and not be pulled away by distractions. The reader also uses the design or layout of the information to navigate through the content, and the visual clues helps the reader remember it better.

Print can help you reach your target market. Internet, radio and television marketing are all “shot in the dark” attempts to reach your market. With print media, you can get material into the hands of someone who is already interested. An advertisement in a trade or special interest magazine will be seen by people who are already interested in that topic. On average, a person spends 43 minutes reading a magazine, and 15 seconds skimming a website.

Digital printing allows an even more specific reach for your target. A print campaign can be designed to include variable data per each printed piece – a personal name, a target message and a special-interest graphic. This personalization will cause the recipient to spend more time reading your message which will include a strong call-to-action closing.

Paper is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs while forestry plantations provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. A decline in the demand for paper products risks a decline in sustainably managed re-growth forests.

Forests used in the paper-making industry are well managed and sustainable, and certified as such by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The paper industry plants more than it harvests and today there are 25% more trees in the developed world than in 1900.

Use print as one of your marketing channels — it is tangible, it is effective in getting your message across, and when recycled it will come back to you as paper or board.

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