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The Value of Exhibiting at a Trade Show

At some point in your business career, you have probably attended a convention which has been augmented by a trade show of vendors exhibiting their products and services.

What Austin Executives Association Means To Me

Austin Executives Association (AEA) has been a part of my life since 1981. AEA is a synergistic group of business professionals who meet regularly to exchange business leads and other knowledge. So, you ask, why have I stayed with one organization for so long? Let me count the reasons, in no particular order.

Print is Not Dead

In this age of digital communication, some may think that printed material is no longer necessary. Back in my school days, I learned there are 3 types of learning styles – visual, auditory (sound), and kinesthetic (touch). Digital marketing definitely feeds the visual learner, and with sound effects (i.e., videos), can appeal to the auditory learners, too. Printed material can enrich the experience of the reader as it informs, educates, entertains or sells.